Linda Rees Tapestry Weaver

I have been weaving since 1965 and exclusively in the tapestry technique since the mid 1970's. Working at my loom for a few hours is a daily endeavor that has sustained me throughout my adult life.

In recent decades I have felt it is imperative for the tapestry community to assume more responsibility for documenting contemporary trends and highlighting outstanding contributions in our field. This awareness drives me to write about, as well as produce weavings.

Besides my artistic pursuits, I have been interested in growing succulents, gardening, mushrooming, and learning about native plants where ever I live. In June of 2013, I moved to Nesoddtangen, Norway to be near my daughter and her family. The town is at the rocky nose (nese) of a peninsula just below Oslo between the Inneroslofjord and Bunnefjord.